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Scathing editorial in the Australian rips Al Gore’s new movie and his hype August 1, 2017

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Watts Up With That?

Media’s silence of the climate scams

MAURICE NEWMAN, The Australian, August 1, 2017

How lucky to have gatekeepers such as the ABC, SBS and Fairfax Media to protect us from the likes of Climate Depot founder Marc Morano, recently here promoting his documentary Climate Hustle?

Thanks to mainstream media censorship, Morano’s groundbreaking film, which promised a heretical fact-finding journey through the propaganda-laced world of climate change, was denied publicity. Described as “the most dangerous documentary of the year”, Climate Hustle “exposes the myth of the 97 per cent ‘scientific’ consensus, debunks hype about temperature and extreme weather, and introduces viewers to key scientists who have reversed their views and converted to scepticism”.

Fortunately, Al Gore had no difficulty finding the media opportunities Morano couldn’t, to push his apocalyptic movie An Inconvenient Sequel. It continues the scaremongering of Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Like the first, it’s full of scary weather…

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Coal is #1… again. August 1, 2017

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Watts Up With That?

Guest post by David Middleton

Politics and Energy

Coal Is Number One


July 28, 2017, 12:05 am

Quick: what was the number one source of electricity production in the U.S. during the first half of 2017? If you answered renewable energy, you are wrong by a mile. If you answered natural gas, you were wrong by a tiny amount.

According to the Energy Information Administration, which tracks energy use in production on a monthly basis, the single largest source of electric power for the first half of 2017 was… coal. See chart.


The American Spectator

steve-moore-chart-image004-300x201 Coal is dead #1 again.

What’s that?  You don’t believe Stephen Moore or the American Spectator?

Let’s check with the U.S. Energy Information Administration:

Electricity Generation

In 2016, annual U.S. electricity generation from natural gas surpassed generation from coal-fired power plants…

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